Best Headphones Brands That You Need This Year

Buying new headphones in 2020 is not an easy task since there is a wide range of headphones brands with different sizes, shapes, and prices available. All brands promise to deliver high-performance headphones and that’s why it is difficult to determine which one is better.

However, we do our research to help you to choose a top-quality brand and headphone. Furthermore, we have been in the headphone industry for years and we are already familiar with most of the brands.

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The list is not in exact order so better you check out the complete list. Furthermore, these brands manufacturers headphones for a long period of time and already achieved huge popularity. Probably you are already familiar with most of them.

So without wasting any time let’s take a look at the Top 10 best headphone brands in 2020.

Best Headphones Brands

These are the best brands and to choose one to determine the type of headphone you want to buy. Furthermore, I mentioned popular models of each brand you can check them out as well.

1. Sennheiser 

We will start our list with one of the most popular and quality brands. Whether you choose a low-price Sennheiser headphone or an expensive model you’ll never be disappointed. 

Sennheiser started producing audio equipment in 1945 and it was started by Dr. Fritz Sennheiser.

From 1945 to 2020 they produced the absolutely best headphones. Sennheiser produced headphones for almost all work and purposes whether you looking for specifically designed headphones for the studio, gaming, or casual listening you’ll find one.

Along with producing high-quality audiophile headphones one of the reasons Sennheiser is popular is its affordable price. 

In the range of $150 to $800, you can find absolutely fantastic headphones. A good example of price vs performance Sennheiser headphones is their HD series. Sennheiser HD 600 and Sennheiser HD 650s are the headphones considered as high-quality headphones with under $500 price range and if you’re looking for a beast then check out the Sennheiser HD 800 S.

The reason for the Sennheiser popularity is they are known as producing the best headphones in terms of sound quality, comfort, lifetime, and performance. Moreover in 1991 Sennheiser produced Orpheus headphones which were THE BEST headphone at that time.

Honestly all the models of Sennheiser I found so far perform exceptionally well at any price range and that’s why when it comes to the best headphones brands the first name that came to my mind was Sennheiser.

2. Bose

Bose is another huge name in the headphone industry. Bose company was created in 1964 by Amar Bose. Bose is a brand that has a great history and plays an important role in noise cancellation technology.

Bose is known as non-audiophile headphones. They are designed over-ear, on-ear, in-ear types of headphones. Bose is popular for producing wireless and active noise cancellation headphones and earbuds.

Compared to Sennheiser Bose is expensive and in recent years they’re criticized for being expensive but they still somehow managed to stay on the top of the table. 

One thing I want to point out about Bose is they know their market very well. One of the reasons they’re still on top of the chart is their advertisement and producing products for the right audience. 

Overall Bose is an excellent brand in terms of noise-canceling technology, wireless headphones, earbuds, and delivering high performance.

Similar to the Sennheiser HD series, the QuietComfort Series from Bose is very popular and worth buying. Furthermore, Bose QuietComfort 35 II one of the high selling and popular headphones is designed by Bose.

3. Sony

Just like Bose, Sony is the name we are almost all familiar with. The birth of Sony headphones was in 1958. In 1979 sony launched its first compact and lightweight design headphone with the name of First Walkman headphones. In 1991 they produced their first active noise cancellation. 

After that Sony managed to manufacture a legendary pair of headphones and one of the popular names which are still here is Sony MDR 7506. 

You can get the quality of Sony brand from the MDR 7506 model which was launched in 1991 and still in 2020 it is considered the best headphones. In almost every studio you’ll find Sony MDR 7506. 

Like Bose, Sony is popular for producing earbuds, wireless, and noise-canceling headphones. They launched Sony 1000 XM3 and it not only became one of the best and high selling headphones it also became a great competitor to Bose QuietComfort 35 II. 

Sony produced amazing all-round headphones for professional and daily use and it is one of the trustworthy headphone brands you can go with without any problem.

4. Audio Technica

If you’re an audiophile you probably know Audio Technica. It was founded in 1962 in Japan. Audio Technica is known for producing high-end headphones at an affordable price.

Their headphones are widely used in studios and for professional mixing and mastering works and one of their popular series is ATH. The price range of Audio Technica headphones varies. From under $100 to over $1000 you’ll find audio Technica headphones. There are lots of models worth mentioning but Audio-Technica ATH-M50xBT and ATH m70x are the ones you should check out.

Along with excellent comfort, high sound quality, they have solid build quality. Just like other brands they produced headphones for almost all uses however they’re widely popular as producing professional studio work headphones.

If you’re a music producer, mixing or monitoring the sound then definitely audio Technica brand is for you. You should check out their ATH series.

5. Beyerdynamic 

When we are talking about studio headphones and not mentioning the Beyerdynamic headphones it’s not fair. Beyerdynamic was founded in 1962 in Berlin, Germany. 

Beyerdynamic is known to produce high-performance headphones, headsets, and microphones. Their price range is also very balanced. From low price headphones to high-grade headphones Beyerdynamic produced amazing products. 

One more thing if you are in mixing and mastering work you probably heard about the Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro. along with headphones they also produced amps. Their latest technology and a team of experts never disappoint their customers. And now they paired with the tesla which means now we can access more advanced and high-quality headphones.

If you’re a fan of wireless headphones you can get a few fantastic models and the good thing about their wireless headphones is they came with long battery life. 

As far as comfort and build quality concerned, you can wear them for hours and you’ll not even feel any fatigue or discomfort because of the high-quality padding material. Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro and Beyerdynamic DT 1990 pro are their most popular headphones right now.

6. JBL

If you’re looking for a headphone brand that offers a small, not too bulky headphone then check out JBL headphones. JBL produced headphones with the features and quality that justify the price. 

The company was founded in 1946 and since then they have participated and produced great audio instruments. JBL is owned by a company named Harman International Industries. 

Without any doubt, JBL is one of the companies that produced high-quality headphones. Compared to top quality brands such as Sony and Bose if JBL headphones are not better than not bad as well. 

JBL offers the unique sound quality, their bass is not too punchy or too deep as Bose or Sony headphones have but still, the bass is beautiful and very natural.

One of the good things about the JBL is they produced stylistic headphones. Speaking of built quality they used high-quality plastic and other material and the finish makes the headphone more beautiful and attractive.

Whether you choose the headphone for regular exercise or professional work JBL is there. One of the popular JBL headphones right now is JBL Live 650BTNC.

7. SteelSeries

If you’re looking for the best gaming headphone/headset brand then check out SteelSeries. SteelSeries produced high-quality gaming accessories including headsets, gaming, mice, etc. their high quality and affordable price make them a popular brand in a very short period. Now SteelSeries brand is considered among the top quality brands.

SteelSeries founded by Axcel who are already Gaming peripherals makers which means they have an experienced and professional team.

They produced both stereo and surround sound types of headphones at a very affordable price. One of the popular series of SteelSeries is the SteelSeries arctic. 

The SteelSeries manufactured headphones by considering the gamers and that’s why wearing SteelSeries headset for hours will not cause you any discomfort or fatigue. Moreover, they deliver high-quality sound and useful features at a very affordable price.

Along with SteelSeries Razer and Corsair are also the best gaming headset brands you can check out.

8. SkullCandy

If you’re looking for headphones at a price range of $25 to $300 with improved and new features then check none other than the Skullcandy brand.

SkullCandy is one of the oldest headphone brands but it didn’t get as much popularity as Sennheiser, Bose, and other popular brands. At a cheap price, they produced good quality headphones. However, compared to other popular brands they’re not as high performance. 

But the good thing about this brand is they improved models. Their sound quality is mediocre. In my opinion, if you’re looking for headphones at an affordable price to listen to music then SkullCandy headphones are a good option. But for professional work and audiophiles, I think it’s better to choose one of the above-mentioned brands.

If you’re interested in checking the most popular Skullcandy headphones then check out SkullCandy Crusher, SkullCandy Hesh Headphones.

9. AKG

Another high quality and the brand you can go for without any problem is AKG. The AKG company was founded in 1947 in Vienna, Austria.

The popular headphone from AKG is the AKG k240 that costs only around $70. AKG is well known among studio professionals in mixing, monitoring, and mixing headphones. 

However, at Reddit, I found a thread where they mentioned the AKG company shutting down in previous years and now owned by Samsung/Harman brand to just label new products as AKG products.

AKG’s previous engineers left and now it’s just a brand and you can get an idea of their high quality that popular brand Samsung promotes their products with the AKG name. 

I’m not sure how good the new products are but the headphones released in previous years are definitely worth buying. If you’re interested in AKG headphones then check out the AKG K series.

Furthermore, A popular YouTuber named PewDiePie used AKG headphones as well which is AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII.


There is a wide range of headphone brands available but these are the best and you can go with one of them without any worry. However, Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Beyerdynamic, Bose, and SteelSeries are my personal favorite ones.

There are more excellent brands available and as I gather more information about them I’ll update here. So to know more best headphone brands save this article in your bookmark.

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