Best Headphones for Bass

Best Headphones for Bass [Latest Reviews]

What are the best headphones that produce the right amount of bass? How to know if headphones have good bass?

In this review, we will guide you to choose the best and affordable bass headphones, and also, we provide you a list of the best headphones for bass.

Before going to the best headphones for a bass review, make sure that you know the key points of good bass headphones. Also, you should have an idea about how to know if headphones have good bass.

A headphone considered as the best bass headphones that include the following features.

  • The average frequency response should be between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, and if it between 4 to 40,000 Hz, then it’s outstanding.
  • Minimum 40mm drivers.
  • driver type dynamic driver type is best.
  • Bass boost.
  • Sensitivity level 85-120 dB.

6 Best Headphones for Bass

These are the top 6 headphones for bass that you can pick in decent price.

#Best Headphones for BassPrice
1JVC HA-SZ2000 Check Price
2Sony WH1000XM3 Check Price
3Skullcandy Crusher Check Price
4GRADO SR325e Check Price
5Sony MDRXB950AP/H Check Price
6LyxPro HAS-30 Check Price

Buyer’s Guide: How to Pick the Best Bass Headphones in 2020

How To Pick Best Bass Headphones

Before going to review the best headphones for bass, take a look at how and what headphones you should buy for listening or creating bass music.

Comfort: A headphone that you select for bass music listening it should have a high comfort level. Bass means that you will listen to heavy metal music, and they will increase your pressure on your ears, so pick headphones that provided a high level of comfort and didn’t affect your ears. The headphones that we will review have a high comfort level.

Build Quality: Similar to comfort, build quality also matters. When you are going to invest $100 to $200 in headphones, there should have strong and durable material.

The material should provide your head with excellent comfort, and also it has the ability to survive falls. If you select headphones that have a good sound quality and comfort level but what happens when it falls and on first fall headphones could not survive, so make sure it has excellent build quality.

Sound and Bass Quality: Sound quality is essential in all types of headphones, but headphones that have good bass face many sound problems. Good bass headphones should provide you detailed and clear sound even you increase both volume and bass at an extreme level.

Price: Different brands have different prices, but the average price of a good headphone is between $100 to $300, and you should invest these amounts don’t go for $50 you will not get what you are looking for.

Wireless or Weird: Both headphones provide a good amount of bass. It’s up to you what you like a wireless headphone or a headphone with cable.

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Other features: Check drivers, frequency response, sensitivity response, and color, etc.

These are the basic thing that a good bass headphone contains. All the headphones that we include in our review list provide these things, and you can choose one of them.

1. JVC Real Sound System Z Series HA-SZ2000

JVC Real Sound System Z Series HA-SZ2000

JVC stands for Japan Victor company located in Yokohama. It is an international company founded in 1927. JVC is a consumer electronics corporation that produces high-quality audio products such as headphones, car stereos, etc. 

JVC Z series HA-SZ2000 is one of their products. The design of the JVC HA-SZ2000 is closed-back and available in black color

The build quality of SZ2000 is outstanding. Made of plastic material, but plastic is not cheaper or looks weak. Used of textured plastic makes this headphone strong and durable. The big thick headband is also strong, and the mesh is comfortable; you can wear for a long time, and your skull will not feel pain or tired. 

Earcups of HA-SZ2000 are movable so that you can adjust on your ears comfortably, and closed-back design makes almost no sound leakage. Earpads are comfortable and removable if you like more from ear pads. You can exchange them with a new one. 

While moving ear cups, you may hear a little creaky noise but not a problem. The cable of JVC HA-SZ2000 coated in silver OFC cable, which is strong and durable. The length of cable is short, which I like and have a 3.5mm plug you can connect with other cables as well. These headphones are not portable because of their big size.

The overall build quality of headphones is up to mark. You can say these headphones deserve $200.

The thing that makes these headphones unique is the dual driver design. 55mm driver for low frequencies and 30mm driver for mids and highs. As we early mention in the buyer guide that a headphone that comes with a minimum of 40mm drivers is the best headphones for bass. So these headphones come in the dual driver that makes them perfect for bass.

The sound quality of these headphones is fantastic. The earpads are not good as they have to but enough, and if you can change ear pads, you will get outstanding sound quality.HA-SZ2000 with brainwavz angled ear pads

After changing the ear pad, you can check the image of HA-SZ2000 with new brainwave angled ear pads.

If I describe the bass of this headphone in two words, it’s just amazing. The headphones produce low frequencies just amazingly, and drivers produce amazing bass and frequencies. The 55mm driver only produces bass.

Mids and highs are also excellent, and if you use ear pads that I use, it’s outstanding. 

Using these headphones, you can listen to any song that contains bass. If you plan to buy these headphones for smartphones, we do not recommend you because they specially designed for heavy bass and low frequencies. So, if you are looking to buy a headphone that produces bass amazingly at $200 price, these headphones are for you. Also, the positive reviews of users on Amazon and an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 makes these headphones worthy.

  • Comfortable and Excellent Build Quality
  • Thunderous Bass.
  • Nice isolation.
  • The cord is slightly shorter.

2. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3

Sony WH1000XM3

The second best bass headphone is sony WH1000XM3. These are the ideal headphones for listening to music tracks that have the right amount of bass. You may think WH1000XM3 is a terrible name, but the headphone is a real deal, and when you are looking for over-ear headphones that have the following features then WH1000XM3 is the best choice for you.

  • Sound great
  • Heavy bass
  • Wireless
  • Good noise cancellation
  • Comfortable that you wear a long time.
  • And have an impressive feature set.

It is a headphone that makes it possible to get all features from one headphone.

If you see these headphones design-wise, they are doing great. You can wear these headphones more than 5 hours straight, and you will not feel overwhelming. These are lightweight headphones. Ear cups have soft padding and a high comfort level. The headband has also wrapped in comfortable leather and flexible that did not squeeze your head.

Nothing is perfect, and the thing that I don’t like about these headphones is controls. It is not a big problem or their drawback, but I prefer buttons compared to touch. These headphones have only two physical control buttons, and the rest of the control you have to do is by swiping and touching.

In the two physical buttons, the first button used for power on and off, and the second button used for changing noise canceling / ambient mode. The good thing about these by holding the button you can speak to google assistant, which is quite handy. And the rest of the work such as while listening to a song you want to pause, play, forward or backward you have to use touch and swipe feature.

The second thing is these headphones didn’t perform pretty well in freezing conditions. Earpads are touched so in freezing conditions, so without touching ear pads, they automatically play and pause music tracks. So if you are planning to use these headphones in freezing places so I don’t recommend you. 

WH1000XM3 is a wireless headphone, and the battery life of the headphone is also outstanding. The battery life of WH1000XM3 is more than 30hrs, which is a lot. It is a foldable headphone and comes with a charging and wired cable. So you can also attach them with a device using cable. Also, you will get type C USB cable that you can connect with any type of USB device such as mobile devices, mp3 player, laptop, and so on.

The sound quality of WH1000XM3 is outstanding. The sound that comes from the headphone is rich, full, and detailed. You know that bose headphones are very well known for having a wide range and more bass, but WH1000XM3 comes with a broader range and more bass. Also, noise cancellation is much better than bose headphones. 

So these headphones have a better sound quality and better noise cancelation, and this is our top pick among other best headphones for bass.

The feature of these headphones worth your money and more than 2, 200 positive reviews of buyers on amazon make this product more trustworthy. You should take a look at yourself.

  • Ideal for listening to bass music tracks.
  • You can use it as Wireless and with the wire.
  • Full, rich, and detailed sound.
  • 40mm Liquid Crystal Polymer drivers.
  • More than 30-hour battery life.
  • USB-C charging.
  • Available in black and silver colors.
  • Touch problem in freezing conditions.

3. Skullcandy Crusher Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

Skullcandy Crusher

Similar to sony and JVC, Skullcandy also very well known for creating outstanding products, and crusher wireless over-ear headphones is one of their products.

These are over-ear, and wireless headphones available in four different colors include black, white, olive, and Moab red

Made of plastic material which is strong and durable, and on the sides, these headphones have a super thick metal band. It is super flexible even if you stretch ear cups to an extreme level, and you will not listen or feel any cracking or chattering. It contains three buttons on the right side: power button, volume up and down button. By clicking double on the power button, you will connect to the google assistant.

On the left ear, you will see a slider that controls the bass. You can increase and decrease the bass of any music track by sliding the slider up and down. 

On the bottom of left ear cups, you will see a micro USB charging port and a 3.5 mm port for physical connections.

The battery life of this headphone is insane. Listening to music tracks on 50% volume for 48 hours and guess what they still have 60 to 70% remaining battery, which is incredible. 

These are coated in black matte and have solid earcups, a headband that enhances the build quality.

The comfort level is also pretty impressive. Excellent and comfortable foam on earpads and faux leather on headband allow wearing more than two hours continuously without any problem.

The wireless range of these headphones is also excellent. They cover exactly 40 linear feet length, which is superb.

The sound quality of Skullcandy crusher headphones is also good at that price. There is no sound leakage at 50% to 70% sound, but at full volume, they leak a small amount of music. They prevent external noises pretty well. You will listen to a very detailed, rich audio.

These headphones contain subwoofers that make them ideal for listening to heavy bass tracks. The lowest bass setting provides a more bass compared bass-boosted headphones and also compared to weird headphones, they have rich bass.

Also, the price of the Skullcandy crusher wireless headphone is less than $100, which is pretty affordable when we see its features. We recommend you put this headphone on the top list of best headphones for bass.

More than 2,550 customer gives 4.2 ratings out of 5.0 and leaves 2,499 reviews on amazon. Go and check them out. 

  • Outstanding battery life and controls.
  • Superb bass quality.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Noise cancellation.
  • Slightly tight on the head.

4. GRADO SR325e Stereo Headphones

GRADO SR325e Stereo Headphones

Grado is a company that we all know, and they have no introduction required, but one thing we can say for Grado that they are consistent. Grado produces headphones that are brilliant with sound quality, build quality, and performance, and SR325e stereo headphones are one of their products.

These are Open back dynamic and weird headphones. Made of plastic and steel, but most of the parts made with durable and robust plastic. The headband is made of steel and wrapped in comfortable leather. Ear cups also made of plastic material, which is quite strong and rotatable at 360 degrees, which is a quite pretty impressive feature.

The cord of Grado SR325e is long, strong, and have a beefy plug and 3.5mm jack, and specially designed for home use. The cable is not detachable.

The comfort level of SR325e is pretty awesome. The headband is adjustable so you can adjust according to the size of your head. The clamping force of headband and ear cups is pretty well, and also it will not push your skin much. Foam on-ear cups are comfortable and hang over the ear rather than pushing your ears. Open ear design makes the airy and cool environment for your ear. So you will not warm for wearing a long period.

The sound quality of the Grado SR325e is excellent. They have very richer and fuller sound and tonal balance. The open-back design of SR325e makes it’s stereo wider then closed-back headphones.

The sound of this model is more detailed, immediate, and the bass is also outstanding. The bass of SR325e is not like sony WH1000XM3 but enough to provide you excellent sounds and bass from music tracks that contain heavy bass.

Grado SR325e headphones are not ideal for travelers or open office environments because they leak sound at full volume. Also, they have not prevented well external noises, but if you plan to buy for your studio or place where you work alone, this is a great headphone.

The overall rating on the amazon of Grado SR325e is 4.4 out of 5.0, and the price of headphones is under $300. Don’t worry about the price because of the quality of the headphone worth more than this.

  • Balance Tonal.
  • Expressive dynamics.
  • Detailed sound.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Sound leakage, but with the open back design, it’s not a problem.
  • The cable is not removable.

5. Sony MDRXB950AP/H Extra Bass Smartphone Headset

Sony MDRXB950AP/H Extra Bass Smartphone Headset

If you are planning to buy a new headset for your smartphone that contains heavy bass or you are a DJ, then you should take a look at Sony MDRXB950AP/H.

Sony MDRXB950AP/H comes in grey color with white detailed, over-ear, shiny, and beautiful packing and design.

They have 40mm dynamic drivers, which are a lot to get heavy bass from a headphone. The frequency response is from 3 hertz to 30,000 hertz, which is a lot. 

The cord of the Sony MDRXB950AP/H is flat and tangle-free, and the length of the cord is 1.2 meters long, which is not very long. At the end of the cable 3.5 mm, an L-shaped gold plated jack that you can connect with any smartphone. On the cable, they integrate a microphone and control that you can use to pick a call, or you can use to skip a track. It is very compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, but the cable is not removable.

Ear cups are very comfortable and wrapped in leather, and ear pads are also solid, comfortable, and pressure relieving. They did a pretty good job of preventing sound leakage and blocking external noises. Ear cups are moveable up to 180 degrees.

These headphones contain beat response technology and also on the ear cups; they put air vents. These air vents allow the air to flow so your ears will not get warm, and you will feel comfortable.

The bass of the headphone is broad and deep, and trebles are clear. They emphasize on the bass, so you will listen to pretty awesome bass from a song that even contains a minimal amount of bass.

They are lighter in weight; the total weight of this headphone is around 245 grams. 

The headband is adjustable and under the headband have a foam cohesion on that makes them comfortable and allows you to wear for a longer duration. 

So let’s sum up these are the best headphones for bass because they have minimal sound leakage, comfortable, contain heavy bass, 40mm drivers, 3 – 30,000-hertz frequency response. The price of Sony MDRXB950AP/H is around $120 on Amazon, but you get a discount as well. 

Go and check out the price and positive reviews of customers.

  • Compatible with all smartphone devices.
  • Extra bass.
  • Beat Response Control.
  • High music and build quality.
  • Low price.
  • We don’t find any disadvantages.

6. LyxPro HAS-30 Closed Back Over-Ear

LyxPro HAS-30 Closed Back Over-Ear Professional Recording Headphones

LyxPro HAS-30 is also a headphone that you consider as one of the best headphones for bass. LyxPro is a company that produces pro audio equipment and accessories.

HAS-30 is a professional over-ear studio headphone, has a decent design, and solid material. These headphones are foldable and come with a carry case. The headphone construction is very simple, and the color of LyxPro Has-30 is all black with red detailed. The material is solid and durable.

The headband of HAS-30 is made with plastic material and wrapped in soft leather. Both Ear Cups are premium and wrapped very well in leather.

The earpads of HAS-30 provides a significant amount of comfort, and these are removable so you found any problem or damage you can change them with a new one. Also, you can move earcups around 180 degrees.

The cord of this headphone is removable, and with plug, it has a notch that grips cable with headphones pretty well. Using the notch, you can lock the cable, and it will not be removed by pushing. When you want to remove simple move it and unlock it and then you can remove the cable, which is fantastic.

You will also get a coiled cable that is long and has a notch on both ends. On both sides of coil cable, they have a screw-on for the quarter-inch adapter, which is a pretty great feature, and you can attach with any of the devices. 

It is a comfortable headphone. These are the headphones that you can wear all day, and your ear will not feel any problem.

They leak a minimal amount of sound and prevent ambient noises pretty well.

Similar to build quality, it’s sound quality is also outstanding. These headphones provide a very detailed sound. While listening to hip hop songs, you will listen to the bass shone through them very well. They undoubtedly provide you thunderous and detailed bass when you listen to heavy bass music such as Metallica or song that have speedy bass, but you will also not lose a single detail of sound, which is an outstanding feature.

Overall these are one of the best bass headphones in under $100 price with a one year warranty.

  • 1 Year warranty and a carrying case.
  • Very detailed sound with heavy bass.
  • The cord is pretty strong with extra features (notch, screws).
  • Portable and foldable.
  • Noise cancellation features.
  • No wireless connection.

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We provide the best headphones for bass review, and we hope that it helps you in buying good bass headphones. All the headphones that we include in our list have good design, build quality, sound quality, bass, and comfort level. Also, we provide a guide where you can learn what things you should check in good bass headphones.

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