Top 5 Best Headphones for Snowboarding in 2021

Buying a headphone for snowboarding is one of the best investment you can make. Whether you’re an enthusiastic skier or practice snowboarding listening to music at high altitudes is extremely enjoyable.

But which are the best headphones for snowboarding in 2021, and how it looks like as you’re going to wear under the helmet.

Below you can read a complete buying guide, but if you want an answer in a short paragraph, good headphones for snowboarding should be small, practical, and feature wireless connectivity, as having cords is not a safe way to go.

A wide variety of headphones and earphones are available in the market but finding one, especially for snowboarding, is not as easy a task as it seems. That’s why making things easier for you and finding the best headphones/earbuds for snowboarding in 2021; we made this list.

So without any further ado, let’s start.

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Best Headphones For Snowboarding

#Best Headphones for SnowboardingPrice
1Jaybird Vista True Waterproof Earbuds Check Price
2BONX Grip Black Check Price
3Jabra Elite Active 65t Alexa Check Price
4Samsung Gear IconX Check Price
5TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds Check Price

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When You Are Buying a Headphone for Snowboarding

You can choose any headphones that blocked noises, features Bluetooth, and has a small size, but there are many more things that you should consider while purchasing snowboarding headphones.

1. Wired Or Wireless

The most important thing you consider while choosing a headphone or earphone for snowboarding is connectivity. How good you manage the cords, there will always chances that might lead to serious injuries. Moreover, it’s hard to settle headphone cable while snowboarding. Nowadays, all smartphones feature wireless technology.

Note: There is a debate that wired headphones provide more detailed and quality sound compared to wireless headphones, but wireless headphones are a much safer option for snowboarding, and now wireless headphones provide as quality sound as wired headphones.

That’s why we choose the best wireless headphones for snowboarding that offers excellent sound along with compact size.

2. Size of Headphones

Headphones that specially designed for snowboarding are compact, and they allow to wear the snowboarding helmet comfortably along with headphone.

Commonly headphones have a bigger size that doesn’t allow to wear a helmet, and helmets are the most important snowboarding equipment for safety.

Considering this, we listed the best earphones for snowboarding available in the market.

3. Sound Isolation

One thing is clear that you enjoy more music if a headphone has better sound isolation. But in snowboarding, you need to take care of multiple things.

For example, if you are at a place where many people come for snowboarding and in a rush, the accident risk is also rising. So in these types of cases, you should know about what is happening around you, and you can hear sounds/shouts, and if you do not hear, you increase the risk of danger/accidents.

Keep in mind there is nothing more important than your safety, even music.

4. WaterProof

You know that you have to face ice and water in snowboarding, so a good headphone for snowboarding has waterproofing capability. Some headphones refer to Waterproof and sweatproof features with an IPX8 rating.

5. Design and Comfort

The design of headphones for snowboarding is the most important feature. Headphones should be made in a way that they fit on the head and also allow them to wear helmets comfortably. The best headphones for snowboarding should have enough grip that does not slip from your ears and make you uncomfortable.

There are many more features that you can look at while choosing the best headphones for snowboarding, but these are the main points that you should consider, and all headphones that we show you here has all these characteristics.

Top 5 Best Headphones For Snowboarding in 2021

1. Jaybird Vista Waterproof Earbuds

Jaybird electronic consumer company produces an advanced earphone (Jaybird Vista) with excellent sound quality, better connection, and better battery life.

Design: Jaybird comes in black color with a lightweight, compact charging case, easy to put in your pocket without any problem. Also, you can get in three different sizes-small, medium and large.

The case has a magnet that holds the earbuds and charged them. Jaybird Vista True Wireless Bluetooth When you put in the charging case, they automatically shut down and start charging, and when you get them out, they automatically turn on.

Jaybird Vista is super lightweight and small in size. The weight of both earbuds is around 12 grams, and each has 6 grams.

Jaybird used nano-coating technology for waterproofing and earth proofing. These are fully waterproof, and they have IPX7 construction means you can drown them in water for more than 30minutes, and you will not face any issue. Also, earth proofing protects earbuds against dust and grit. Also, they have a feature of crush resistance, and they can bear up to 60 to 80 pounds of weight.

Comfort and stability: These are super comfortable for snowboarding because average and ordinary earbuds fit in the ear canal, but Vista true earphones are not designed like this. They fit on the outer opening of the ear, and the bottom of the ear starts. Either you are in the gym you are doing snowboarding, they will not lose your ear and not make you uncomfortable or cause you pain or damage.

Battery life: The battery life of Jaybird Vista is excellent. You can do snowboarding for more than 6 hours continuously, and if these are in the charging case, their battery life increases 10 hours more.

Connectivity: You can connect them with any Bluetooth device easily. All you have to do is press the inside button of the charging case, and it will show on your device. Vista used Bluetooth 5.0, which is an excellent feature and enhance connectivity strength between earphones and device.

So, the connectivity is super excellent and easy; connect them with your device and enjoy snowboarding. You can play and pause a track by tapping on earbuds, which are also a great feature you don’t need to put out your device from the pocket. You can also use google assistance by tapping two times and many more features.

The charging case itself needs charging, and you can charge it using a USB type C charger.

Sound: The sound quality and sound isolation of these headphones are outstanding. These earbuds’ audio quality is also bright, rich, and detail; you will not lose a single detail while snowboarding. The audio is flat by default, but you can make changes using the Jaybird apps. You can increase or decrease low, high, and mid.

The total price of these earbuds is around $180; visit amazon for the latest price. Some users mention they are slightly expensive, but the features and comfort they provide don’t think that they are expensive.

Jaybird Vista true wireless earbuds are one of the best choices in the list of best headphones for snowboarding, and the user response on Amazon is outstanding as well.

  • Outstanding battery life.
  • Super lightweight and comfortable.
  • Good Sound Quality.
  • Water and earth proof.
  • Compatible.
  • Instant connection.
  • No heart rate monitor.

2. BONX Grip Black

Design and Comfortable: The design and comfort of the BONX Grip are excellent. These are lightweight, comfortable, and soft earphones. BONX grip black earphones produced by BONX company.

These are available in four different colors include black, green, pink, and white, for the same price.

It comes with a beautiful tin that fits all accessories inside the box. Also, in the box, you will receive extra earbuds available in different ear sizes, which is a great feature. It fits on-ear comfortably, and you can wear them under a helmet as well. These BONX headphones come in a USB C type charger; you can plug them into any USB device for charging.

BONX Grip Black headphones designed for adventures and outdoor activities such as snowboarding.

Performance: The performance of these headphones is also outstanding. They are doing great in almost every condition, especially in moist conditions.

Moist conditions mean you can use them during rain or snow, and they will not lack performance. The backside of the earbuds is fully covered and has good material that blocks moisture enters in. This feature makes these headphones ideal for snowboarding.

You can use the Bonex app to enhance functionality, and you can create a room for group talk.

For example, you’re a group of friends that come out to practice snowboarding, and during snowboarding, you want to hang with each other so you can use their app, create a room, and you’ll get a passkey share with up to 10 people, and you will connect.

You will stay in comminution until you are in the service area, and when you are out of service, your communication will be lost. When you enter again in the service area, you will connect again automatically.

The battery life of BONX Grip is also outstanding, and you can connect with any USB port.

Sound Quality: Sound quality of these headphones is also excellent you can listen to almost every type of music, detailed, rich, and full. Connect with your mobile device and put your device in your pocket and enjoy music.

Sound Isolation: Sound isolation is also excellent. These are perfect for blocking outside winds and other ambient noises.

Features and where you can use them: These are super useful for rock climbing and snowboarding. Also, these are great for communication. For example, if you practice snowboarding with your friend or mate and don’t want to lose connection, these headphones are a perfect choice. If you found earpieces dirty, you can easily remove and wash them. These are wireless, and you can connect with any device that has Bluetooth.

The question is for what purposes you can use it. As I mention that these headphones provide excellent communication so you can make a call, you can also use them for listening to music and best for snowboarding.

Final decision: This is a lightweight, comfortable and soft device you can buy for under $150 for snowboarding.

The only problem that we found with these earphones is that when you are out of the service area, they automatically tell you that you’re out of the service area or are losing signals. Otherwise, these are the best headphones for snowboarding.

  • Best for Group calling or conferencing.
  • Good voice recognition.
  • Nice Noise Cancellation.
  • Not ideal for out of signal places.

3. Jabra Elite Active 65t Alexa

Jabra elite active 65t are truly wireless in-ears. It is an upgrade of regular Jabra Elite 65t.

Jabra Elite active earbuds are currently known as number one sports earbuds because of excellent sports functionality, build quality, sound quality, dark blue finishing design, comfortable, performance, and Alexa enabled.

Jabra Elite Active 65t comes with a portable case that you can put in your pocket without any problem. The color of the case is blue, and the earbuds’ color is copper blue with a matte dark blue finish.

The charging case of active 65t is slightly losing some time, and it opens itself in the pocket. The charging case has an LED on the inner and outside. The inner side tells the status of the earbuds battery, and the outer LED shows the charging status of the charging case. The three lights, green(high), yellow(medium), and red(low), tells the status of each earbud.

The matte dark blue finish makes Jabra Active 65t stylish and attractive.

The build quality of Elite Active 65t is durable. These are made of sturdy material, and they survive fallings without a break or getting scratches.

Active 65t earbuds have an IP56 rating, which is a great feature that protects earbuds against dust, snow, wet weather, rain, and water. And it makes these headphones ideal for snowboarding.

These earbuds have a new feature, which is four-microphone technology two on both earbuds. The advantage of this feature is that earbuds easily get your instructions in noisy places.

The unique feature of active 65t has both earbuds works differently, and you cannot customize them.

Right earbuds allow manually on and off, and clicking double enables access to multi-functions, and left earbuds are used to increase or decrease the volume or skip tracks.

Jabra Elite Active 65t Alexa earbuds are comfortable for ears because they come in three different sizes: small, medium, and larger. You can choose one according to your ear size, and while running or practicing snowboarding, they will not get lost.

If we talk about the performance, these provide an excellent instant connection. When putting out earbuds from the charging case, they are instantly connected, and when you put them in the charging case, they’re still connected until you turn them off. It has Bluetooth 5.0, which provides a much faster connection.

The sound quality Jabra Elite Active 65t is excellent. The audio is not interrupted between both earbuds. I run a sync test, and it proved that there is no uninterrupted and audio is on point. They prevent external noises perfectly, and also, you can customize functionality using the Jabra app. Jabra app allows users to block or unblock external noises according to their surroundings.

For example, you’re doing snowboarding, and you are surrounded by lots of people, and you want to know what’s happening around you so you can allow external noises using the Jabra app.

You can listen to any music at 60 to 70% volume without getting lost in any detail or any problem, and if you increase the volume to 80% or 90%, you may feel uncomfortable. But listening at the safe and appropriate volume, did a great job.

You can do many awesome things using the Jabra app should try it.

So the question is, Is Jabra elite active 65t worth it? Without any doubt, Jabra elite active 65t worth it. The performance, sound quality, comfortable, Alexa enable the feature, sweatproof, waterproof, and matte dark blue finish makes them a perfect headphone for snowboarding and other sports.

  • Good range of wireless connection.
  • Stable and best for sports (Snowboarding).
  • Excellent Passive Isolation.
  • Awkward button layout.

4. Samsung Gear IconX (2018 Edition) SM-R140NZKAXAR Bluetooth

In 2016, Samsung released first-generation earbuds that have not good battery life, connection strength, etc., so Samsung released the 2018 edition with better sound quality, performance, battery life, and build quality.

Samsung Gear IconX 2018 Edition earbuds come with a small box that contains a pillow shape charging case, earbuds, charging cable, instruction copy, and three different extra sizes of earbuds.

The design of the Samsung Gear IconX is comfortable for ears and listening long time music. It comes in three different colors, black, white, and pink.

They designed in a way that earbuds go near the ear canal that provides passive noise cancellation.

The build quality is also outstanding — the charging case is made of smooth plastic material. The plastic is strong and durable, and also lightweight. You can pick anywhere without feeling the extra weight or any problem.

Earbuds are also strong, and they can bear a limited amount of amount. Earbuds come in three different sizes for different ears. So, a user can pick one according to its ear size.

Also, these are perfect fits in your ear. While jogging, running, or practicing snowboarding, they will not lose or comes out from your ear.

No doubt, the design and the build quality of Samsung Gear IconX are outstanding and stable.

Let’s talk about the performance of Samsung gear IconX (2018 edition) and see that these headphones are suitable for snowboarding or not.

Their performance is improved and now much better than the previous edition, and they are perfect for snowboarding. Because the build quality and design is outstanding and not lose from the ear even if you shake your head quickly.

The Samsung Gear IconX 2018 edition’s battery strength is 82mAh, which is a lot better than its previous version. The battery life is between 4 hours to 7 hours, which is above average wireless headphones.

Samsung 2018 edition allows performing multiple functionalities by tapping. You can do the following things by tapping and swiping on earbuds.

1 Tap = Play or Pause
2 Tap = Next Track
3 Tap = Previous Track

Swipe UP/DOWN = Volume UP/DOWN
Tap & hold = Launch ambient sound or activate Google voice
Double Tap & hold = Next Playlist

The Bluetooth range of Samsung gear IconX is 4.2, and in the 50m distance, your device will be connected.

Is the Samsung Gear IconX 2018 Waterproof?

Yes, They have water resistance and sweat exposure features. If they fall in light water, they still work as nothing happened to them. Their water-resistance is not like Jabra Elite Active 65t but good enough.

The sound of 2018 is much better, clear, and detailed. If we compare it with the previous edition, it’s far better.

The Bass of Iconx is balanced and neutral. On earbuds, you’ll notice a small bass booster that maintains high bass tracks and does not lose its audio quality.

In short using Samsung IconX 2018, you’ll experience a clear and clean signature sound.

Key Feature: The best headphones for snowboarding should have a feature to listen to ambient sounds to avoid accidents and aware of their surroundings. And Samsung gear 2018 edition has a feature to enable or disable by double-tap and hold on earbuds.

Does Samsung Gear IconX work with iPhone?

Yes, Samsung gear Iconx works with the iPhone and all other devices as well.

It is a great product, and if you set it with Samsung, you will experience better. You can use their app as well for more functionalities.

For the latest price and customer reviews of Samsung, gear IconX goes on Amazon and check it out.

  • Small, comfortable, and strong.
  • Waterproof.
  • Good battery life.
  • Detailed and decent sound.
  • Only 1 USB charging cable.

5. TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

Tozo T10 is the cheapest earbuds in this list of the best headphones for snowboarding. These are the most popular earbuds on Amazon with over 19,542 customer reviews, and the overall rating is 4.4 out of 5.0.

Like other earbuds, these also come with a box that includes a charging case, charging cable, and one year of warranty.

In the box, you’ll get a warranty card and instruction copies where you can get all the details, features, and how you can connect with any device.

If I talk about its color and design, these are available in five different colors: black, white, black, blue, and Khaki.

The charging case is small and compact, and you can take it outside without any problem.

Earbuds are also small and minimal and provide a pretty look. When you put earbuds in the charging case, charging starts automatically, and different lights provide charging status.

These earbuds have good battery life with single charging; you can use them for around 3.5 to 4 hours and nine extra hours in the compact charging case. The total is approximately 12.5 hours, which is pretty much.

You can connect with any device easily. Tozo T10 earbuds have Bluetooth 5.0 that enhances fast connection and stability strength.

Another feature of T10 wireless earbuds have they connect first, then you can connect with your device. So, you’ll listen to a proper song. The vocals and lyrics of songs sound the same on both earbuds.

The sound quality of these headphones is also up to mark, and at that price, you’ll not find any earbuds that provide that many features.

You’ll listen to very detailed, authentic sound from these earbuds, and they have an extra 8mm large-sized speaker driver that provides extra bass. If you like extra bass in songs, you’ll love these earbuds — also, they are doing a pretty excellent job of blocking outside noises.

I hope you like the Tozo t10 review and these earbuds are best for snowboarding, gym, and different outdoor sports and also these are the best earbuds for snowboarding and winter.

  • Available at a Very low price( less than $50).
    Detailed and Authentic sound.
    High bass.
  • No ear-hooks.

Final Thoughts:

Snowboarding is fun either you take it as a sport or hobby. Those who do snowboarding know its importance, and they wait for winter so that they can enjoy it.

To enhance your experience, you should use a headphone, and I provided you with a list of the best headphones for snowboarding.

Most of us wait for winters to go for snowboarding and ski slopes. We go alone miles and miles, and the only company we got is our favorite music tracks, but to enjoy music and snowboarding choose you must choose the right headphones/earbuds.

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