How Long Do Hearing Aids Last?

One of the most frequently asked questions about hearing aids is How Long Do Hearing Aids Last.

A hearing aid is a device that is used by deaf persons, and it helps deaf peoples to listen. There are different types of hearing aids are available, and every device has its own features, quality, and expiration date, but all hearing aids devices work on the same system.

How Long Do Hearing Aids Last

How Long Do Hearing Aids Last? The average life span of hearing aids ranging from three years to seven years. Although, there are many factors that affect hearing aids life span, such as the manufacturer of hearing aids, quality, technology, and especially the care that is taken.

If you want to know more about how long do hearing aids last, what factors can affect, what care you should do, and other related information? Stay with us, and we will tell you.

How Often Do You Have To Replace a Hearing Aid? As we mention, the average lifespan of hearing aids is around three years to 7 years. But if you follow the recommendations of manufacturers regarding care, protect it by moisture damage, the lifespan will be longer than average.

Tips for Caring Your Hearing Aids:

The care, repair, and maintenance of hearing aids are very important for a long lifespan. Here are some tips for taking care of your hearing aids:

  • Never use wet or liquid cloths to clean your hearing aid
  • Always use a dry cloth and a brush to remove wax and impurities from your hearing aids.
  • Hearing aids are an electronic device. This is why it is sensitive to moisture.
  • Never leave your hearing aids in the bag, shirt pocket, or pants.
  • Do not use hearing aids while you’re taking a shower.
  • Keep your pet or children away from your hearing aid.
  • Do not sleep wearing hearing aids. Take them off before going to sleep
  • Unplug the battery when going to sleep to prevent battery wear
  • Protect from heat. Never leave at hot places
  • Do not leave it near radiators
  • Try to avoid falls.

By taking good care and maintenance of your hearing aids increase their lifespan.

When To Change The Hearing Aid?

Doctors and manufacturers always advised you to use a clean hearing aid and maintain your hearing aid every day. But the question is when we should change hearing aid.

In this condition, there is some case that appears in hearing aids that your hearing aid is not working properly. Some of them are the following:

Maintenance problems are frequent: A very clear sign of changing the hearing aid is when maintenance of hearing aid is frequent. Because their components did not work properly, changing in components may decrease the quality and repairing cost you more than buying a new product.

The hearing aid is weak: Even the appliance working fine, you may need to change it because frequently may affect the power, and now your hearing aid does not have enough power to meet your hearing needs. In this case, you should have to change your device.

The device technology is outdated: We all see improvements in technology after day by day, and also the technology of hearing aids improved. Now hearing aids come with extra useful features. So it depends on you if you go with new technology you will meet better products that can enhance your communication skills.

Before changing your hearing aids, you should talk to your specialist and evaluate if it is necessary or not change your hearing aids.

How To Choose a New Hearing Aid?

When you are going to purchase a new hearing aid, you should purchase an updated model. Nowadays, technology is so advanced, and there are lots of comfortable, and quality hearing aids are available.

We recommend you to go to your specialist to take advice and then buy a hearing aid.


A hearing aid is a very innovative technology for a deaf person. And this device becomes part of their lives. There are different types of hearing aids are available, and the average life span of hearing aids is 3 – 7 years. You can increase this life span of hearing aid by taking care and maintenance.

If your hearing aid is not working well or not communicate well or maybe technology is outdated so you should change hearing aid. If you are going to purchase a new one, You should buy an updated model of hearing aid.

We hope that this guide on “How long do hearing aids last?” will help you.

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