How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC [With Pictures]

Connecting Bluetooth to PC is very simple, and the good news is I will guide you on how to connect Bluetooth headphones to the Windows computer/PC and also I will discuss the most common problems that occur during connecting.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC

If you already have the adapter and install Bluetooth Drivers on Your PC then you can skip the first 6 Lines and read the guide from Point 1

Before connecting Bluetooth headphones with your Windows PC, you need to make sure that your desktop or laptop has Bluetooth adapters.

Also, make sure you install Bluetooth drivers on your pc/laptop.

To check that Bluetooth adapter and drivers work correctly go to Device Manager in your window and click on Bluetooth option.

If you don’t have a Bluetooth adapter, you can order one of them. These adapters cost you around $5 to $10.

After attaching a Bluetooth adapter, install Bluetooth drivers manually on your Desktop/PC.

If you already check these steps then go for below steps where I tell you how you can connect Bluetooth headphones to PC

1. First of all, you need to Turn On the pairing mode of your headphones or earphones. Some headphones notify you about pairing mode by blinking lights, and some headphones have a button that notifies you that your device is in pairing mode or not.

When you make sure that your headphone is in pairing mode.

2. Go to your PC open Setting > Devices > Bluetooth.

Device option window 10

Or You can directly search from the search bar.

Bluetooth search

3. Turn On Bluetooth and Click on “Add Bluetooth or other devices”.

turn on bluetooth

4. Click on Bluetooth, and it will display your headphones. Click on it and connecting will start.

choose bluetooth option

5. After connecting Click on done.

That’s it your Bluetooth is connected to PC.

Note: If you have installed Windows 7, 8, or 10 on your PC, the process is almost the same although you can read below about each of them.

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How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC Windows 10?

If you’re a beginner and just started using window 10 and don’t know how to connect Bluetooth headphones to window 10. Keep reading the below guide and you’ll all your answers.

1. Go to Setting> Device > Bluetooth or search Bluetooth directly in the search bar.

2. Turn On Bluetooth.

3. Click on + icon (Add Bluetooth or other devices). You’ll see a window pop up name(Add a device). On this window, you’ll see three different options Bluetooth, Wireless display or dock, Everything else.

turn on bluetooth

4. To add a Bluetooth device, click on the Bluetooth option.

choose bluetooth option

5. You’ll see PC will start searching for a Bluetooth device. In a moment, your device will display, click on your device, and it will start connecting after connecting click on done.

That’s it now your Bluetooth headphones are connected with Windows 10.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to PC Windows 8?

You’re a new user of Windows 8, and you try to figure out how to connect Bluetooth headphones to windows 8 or how to activate Bluetooth in windows 8 to share files. I’m here to help you out.

1. First of all, make sure you have a Bluetooth adapter, and you manually installed Bluetooth drivers. To check the status of Bluetooth driver search Device Manager in PC

2. Select the Bluetooth option and check installed drivers. If your installed driver works properly, then follow further instructions; otherwise, you need first to install Bluetooth driver properly.

3. Now Turn On the pairing mode of your headphone. All headphones have different pairing process, and you can read according to your headphones from instruction copy that you get with headphones.

4. After turning on pairing mode, turn on Bluetooth from your PC. Go to Bluetooth Setting and turn on Bluetooth.

5. Click on the Add device. You’ll see your device. Click on it, and it will start connecting. It will take 2 to 3 seconds, and your device will connect to your PC.

Now click on done, and you connected to windows 8. Close all windows and enjoy the music, the podcast you want to listen through your headphone.

How to Connect Bluetooth headphones to PC Windows 7

Connecting Bluetooth headphones with PC is almost the same procedure that we already discussed for Windows 8 and 10.

1. You need to find the device manager in your windows 7.

2. Turn On Bluetooth. Find the Bluetooth device. When you find a Bluetooth device, click on it and connect.

The procedure of Connecting Bluetooth headphones to all windows is almost the same. Below you can read the most common issues that you may face during connecting.

Can I use Wireless Headphones Without Bluetooth?

Yes, there are possibilities that you can use wireless headphones without Bluetooth, but it depends on the type of wireless headphones and other devices you connected with. In recent times electronic companies produced headphones that work on Radio Frequency Transmission instead of Bluetooth.

So, If you have headphones that work on Radio Frequency Transmission, then you can use wireless headphones without Bluetooth.

You can also connect Bluetooth headphones to PC with a USB cable.

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Why is my Bluetooth Headphone Not Connecting to my PC?

If you follow the steps that I mentioned in the above section, you can easily connect, but if you are still not able to connect, then recheck these things once again.

  • Make sure you turn on the pairing mode of your headphone.
  • Check the Bluetooth of your PC is on.
  • If your Bluetooth headphones already added in pairing devices, then it may not show you while you’re searching. If already paired then make sure you first remove it and then search it again.
  • Turn up the volume of headphones and PC.
  • Also, make sure your headphones placed in range (3feet are a suitable range).

Final Thoughts:

The process of connecting Bluetooth headphones to PC is not tough or complicated. I provide a complete process to connect Bluetooth headphones to PC Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Also, you can check why your headphone is not connecting to the PC. If you’re still not able to connect your headphones with PC then change your headphones and make sure it works fine on other Headphones.

I hope you’ll find this guide useful. Tell us in the comments section.

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