How to Make Headphones Louder? The Ultimate Guide

When we buy a new headphone or earphone and plug it into an audio source one of the most annoying things is that your earphone or headphone is not louder. OR Sometimes headphones and audio sources are fine but we didn’t get as loud a sound as we expected.

In each case, we want to make a headphone louder and fortunately, there are some excellent working ways available that make the headphone or earphone louder.

So how to make headphones louder? If your headphones have volume control buttons, set them to full volume, clean your headphones, remove the volume limits, and turn the volume as full as possible. If you do all these steps already and still your headphones are quiet, get an amplifier or install a volume booster app on your PC or mobile.

If you go through all the process and still the volume is not louder then you need to check a few things which I mentioned below. Furthermore, I will also discuss the reason why headphones are not louder and at last which are the things you always consider while choosing a new headphone in terms of the headphone or earphone loudness.

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6 Ways To Make A Headphone Louder ON Both PC & Mobile(Android + iPhone)

These are the best ways that work almost all devices most of the time. Even by following these steps your headphones are not loud then, unfortunately, you need to get a new pair of headphones or earphones and for that, I advised you to consider points I mentioned in the below section.

So without wasting any time let’s start with the 6 best ways to make a quiet headphone louder.

1. Check The Connection + Left & Right Side

Start with the basic and for that check your headphone connection. Make sure your headphone or earphone is connected to an audio source as it needs to be. Once you verify your headphones are connected. Next check if the headphone or earphone has a volume control button and adjusts them at full volume.

Another thing you need to verify is you wear the L side in the left ear and R side on the right side. If you’re not familiar with them on both headphones and earphones you’ll see the Alphabet letter “L” & “R”. L means for left ear and R for the right ear. So make sure you wear the right sides and they make a great difference in terms of sound quality and loudness.

Also, make sure if you’re connected with a PC or Mobile device they also have full volume.

On PC you can check from the volume icon which is shown on the taskbar and for android or iPhone you can use volume navigation buttons.

2. Clean Your Headphone OR Earphone/Earbuds

Using and wearing earbuds or earphones for a few months dust, our skin cells, and wax sticks to the earphone or earbuds. With time as it increases it goes inside the earphone and starts covering the speakers which affect the loudness of earphones/earbuds.

So you need to wipe them on a regular basis. If you have earbuds or earphones with tips then it will be easier for you. Remove them and clean them with a mixture of soap and warm water.

To make things easier for you here is a video showing how you can clean your earphones, earbuds, AirPods, and headphones.

Once you properly cleaned it, plug it again and check how it sounds. If your headphones are loud then it’s great otherwise keep following the next steps.

3. Check The Volume Limits

Most of the time once you plug a headphone or earphone the volume limits to 85dB or below which is less than the actual volume. The limits or sets on headphones to protect the hearings. 

So if on the volume limit headphone is not loud enough. Pressing the + volume on your android or iPhone you’ll get a warning of the music limit. Remove the limit and your volume increased at its actual potential. Make sure it’s not too loud that hurts your ears.

4. Get An AMP or Install Volume Booster Extension/App

If you try the above method but still the progress is zero then you have to get an amp to boost the volume which is the most effective way but it costs you a few bucks. On the other hand, you can install a volume booster app on your mobile device or PC.

The problem of volume booster apps and extension is it makes the sound terrible. Yes, it makes it louder but you’ll not experience a good sound.

Amp is an effective method because it not only boosts the volume but it also increases the sound quality. Usually, we need amps for headphones with high impedance because mobile and PC devices do not have high power that drives headphones with high impedance at their actual potential. 

So here you need to check your headphone or earphone specification and check the impedance and sensitivity of the headphone. If the headphone impedance is over 50 ohm then you should get an amp. You can check some affordable and quality amps on Amazon.

If you’re interested in volume booster then here are the few good options for android, iPhone, and PC.

Volume Boosters for Android

  • Volume Booster Pro
  • Volume Booster Sound Equalizer – By MixIT Studio

Volume Boosters for iPhone

  • Equalizer Pro Volume Booster
  • SonicMax Pro Music Volume Booster

Volume Boosters for PC

  • Equalizer Pro
  • Breakaway Audio Enhancer

5. Replace the Headphone

Even applying all the above-mentioned ways if you still are not able to get loud volume then it’s time to replace your headphone or earphone.

You can also bring your old headphones to repair, he may be able to find a solution. 

If you are interested in buying a new headphone then you need to consider a few important types

I’m not going to share a complete headphone buying guide here because it’s not appropriate with the current topic. You can visit our site for that but I want to point out two important things which have a huge impact on the loudness of headphones.

Things to Consider While Buying A New Earphone or Headphone In Terms of Loudness of Headphones/Earphones?

These are the two important factors you always check.

  1. Impedance
  2. Sensitivity

Probably you already know about both if you’re not familiar with any of them below you can read them here.

I’m not going to just define them I’ll share practically how much impedance and sensitivity is perfect for mobile and PC.

How much impedance is ideal for Android, iPhone, and PC?

In simple terms, impedance is the effective resistance of an electric circuit. It is measured in ohms. The higher impedance numbers are the more power required to drive the headphone and as far as low power devices such as mobile and PC are concerned it’s better to go with lower impedance. The lower impedance means it will be less resistant and easy to drive.

If you are connecting your headphones with your mobile device whether it is android or iPhone 32-ohm impedance is great. Over 32ohm impedance will require more power so 32 ohms will be ideal. Speaking of PC 32-ohm impedance is also perfect for PC.

You can check the impedance in specification on the product page.


Sensitivity is a very important factor in terms of how loud headphones could be. The unit of sensitivity is dB and it tells on the given power how loud headphones can be. If the headphone A has a higher sensitivity number than headphone B it means the A headphone will be louder. So it’s better to consider high sensitivity while choosing a headphone.

So these are the two features you always check to get the louder sound. There are more factors as well that also affect the sound quality but in terms of loudness, these are the two important ones.

Why Headphones are Too Quiet

If you read the above guide, you probably already have your answers. However here is a quick overview of why headphones are too quiet, and following the above steps you can make your headphone louder.

If you have good quality headphone chances are they are quiet because they didn’t get as much power as they need to. For that check the specification of your headphone. Check the impedance and also verify your audio source(android, iPhone, PC) can provide the power they require. Usually, 32 ohms or fewer impedance headphones work well on portable devices. If everything is okay then probably your headphones require cleaning. Dust and wax covered the hole of headphone speakers and effects on the headphone loudness.

Furthermore, sometimes the audio itself is not too loud so before taking any step check the same audio on another device or headphone.


There are various reasons that can make the sound of headphones too quiet and most of them we covered in this guide.

To avoid these issues connect your headphones in the right way, clean once a week, use an amp if required, or replace your headphone but make sure this time you consider important factors such as impedance and sensitivity in mind.

If you still have any questions please let me know in the comment section and also leave your feedback.

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