How to Use In-Ear Headphones in the Best Way?

Earphones or in-ear headphones are excellent and most convenient ways to listen to music and calls, but the most annoying thing we can experience is they don’t fit well in the ears.

In this article, we will go through step-by-step guides and learn how to use in-ear headphones in the best and proper way, so they don’t fall from ears or get loose.

Moreover, choosing the right earphone is very important, so I’ll also share the things you should consider before buying a new earphone, so next time you can make a better purchase.

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But first, let’s find out why “fit” is important.

Why in-ear headphones “Fit” is important?

If your earphones do not fit properly in your ears, you probably know the drawbacks. Here are some issues you might experience if the in-ear headphones do not fit well.

  • You’ll experience a drop in sound quality.
  • You will notice a lack of bass.
  • It will leak more sound.
  • Lastly, most importantly, you feel weird and annoying when you spend most of the time adjusting the earphone.

You can overcome all these problems by just using in-ear headphones in the right way.

How To Use In-Ear Headphones In The Best Way?

1. Check the “L” & “R” Side

Nowadays, almost all earphones come with an “L” and “R” indicator. L refers to the earbud for left and R for right ears. It usually shows the behind or side of the earbud, but you have to put the appropriate side in your ears wherever it appears.

Moreover, some in-ear headphones offer cable to be worn around/over the ear and some down from the ears(this is a common method to be worn). To identify which style of cable to wear, check out the manufacturer’s instructions and proceed accordingly.

One more thing, you can even hand the cable on the backside. All you have to do is to do a few experiments and find the best and comfy fit.

2. Choose The Ear Tip of Right Size and Material

To achieve proper fit first and most important thing you need to do is find the right ear tip size that fits well and comfortably. Usually, each earphone includes three different sizes of ear tips small, medium, and large.

Some expensive and quality earphones also include flange ear tips. So give a try to each ear tips and find out which fits well. Also, play the music and check how they sound. Whichever size of ear tips you choose, make sure it gives a proper seal to prevent the outside noises well, and you can experience and enjoy the better bass.

3. Right Way to Put Earbuds Into Ears

You must insert the earbuds properly and firmly into the ear canal so it won’t hurt your ears either compromise the sound quality.

Many users suggest first inserting the left bud into the left ear and then the right one into the right ear, but I suggest that no matter which side you choose first to make sure you insert properly, it fits well and gives a proper seal.

If you cannot get the perfect seal, first, it will not fit well and, you will not be able to experience the sound quality the earphones are capable of.

More steps to find the perfect in-ear fit.

You tried everything and you still can’t find the perfect fit. So what now? Custom-fit memory foam tips can do the trick. The custom fit foam tips replace your stock ear tips and are made of heat-activated material that gets more malleable once if contact with your body temperature. This allows the ear tips to dynamically adjust to your ear canal in the most comfortable way, and at the same time enhance the sound isolation.

Here are our favorite custom-fit memory foam tips.

1. COMPLY Isolation Plus Tx-500

2. Comply Sport Pro Premium

3. Comply Comfort Plus Premium


How do you wear in-ear headphones?

Put one earbud into one ear and then second to another ear but make sure you wear the “L” earbud into the left and “R” into the right ear. Insert each earbud into the ear firmly until you get the best seal and perfect fit.

If the ear tip does not sit well in your ear, then change its ear tip with others(most in-ear headphones include three ear tips, which are “S,” “M,” and “L.” This is the best way to wear in-ear headphones.

How do I keep my earbuds from falling out?

Change the ear tips and choose one that fits well into your ear. If earbuds still fall from ears, then you can try to comply, EarCandi, and snug as well. These ear tips allow you a custom fit, which will not fall from your ears.

Why won’t earbuds stay in my ears?

The earbuds won’t stay in your ears because the size of ear tips does not suit your ear shape. It could be bigger or too small, which not fits well, so you can try different ear tips or design a custom one.

Is it bad to use headphones in one ear?

It can hurt your ears or cause ear or head fatigue at too loud volume, but there is no issue at a lower volume but make sure the volume is in control.


To sum all the above steps, all you have to do to get the best fit, identify the right and left bud, and firmly put them into each ear. Then check whether you get the best fit or not. If not, change the ear tips and put them back, do the experiment until you don’t find the best fit.

Once you find the right size of ear tip for your ear canal, now put both earbuds one by one carefully.

The key thing is experiments: you have to change ear tips and positions of earbuds and cable. No matter what type of earphones you choose, a little effort will be required to get the best fit.

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