Sony MDR 7506 vs Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Sony MDR 7506 vs Audio Technica ATH M50x. Is ATH M50x better or Sony MDR 7506?

Both Sony MDR 7506 and ATH M50x are almost similar in size, but both have different sound signatures.

Audio Technica ATH M50x produces much better sound compared to Sony MDR 7506.

MDR m50x offers better comfort during listening practice, mixing or recording sessions, and feels have better build quality compared to sony MDR 7506.

Although Sony MDR 7506 produces excellent sound quality and has a durable build quality. Also, you can get MDR 7506 at a lower price.

Below you can read in detail about both headphones and also make sure you know what you want from a headphone because it will help you choose the right headphone for you.

Features Sony MDR 7506 Audio Technica ATH-m50x
Color Black Black
Weight 8.1 oz 10 oz
Type Dynamic, closed Dynamic, closed
Magnet Type Neodymium Neodymium
Frequency Response 10Hz – 20 kHz 8 Hz to 25 kHz
Impedance 63 ohms 38 ohms
Detachable Cable  No Yes
Cord Length 9.8 feet 9.8 feet
Driver size 40 millimeter 45mm
Driver Type Dynamic Dynamic
Sensitivity 106dB/mW 98 dB
Maximum Input Power 1000mW 1600 mW
Price Less than $100 Less than $100

Audio Technica ATH M50x Review

Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Good: Offers excellent critical listening, closed-back design provides excellent sound isolation and prevents ambient noises as well. Along with detachable cable and replaceable ear pads, the m50x has Strong, adjustable components that offer superior comfort and durability.

Bad: ATH m50x are not wireless headphones and have no audio control buttons.

Bottom line: Audio Technica ath m50x are in the market for quite a long time, and still, they’re an excellent pair of headphones that you can get in under $150.

Design & Build Quality: Audio Technica ath m50x has a stylish and unique design, and the build quality of ath m50 is sturdy and durable. These are available in three different colors, including black, Gunmetal, and white. 

The majority of parts are plastics, but plastic is solid and makes it lightweight. The total weight of ath-m50x is 283 grams.

The metal headband is wrapped in comfortable and soft leather. Furthermore, the headband is flexible and adjustable.

Ear Cups are also made of plastic and have a circumaural closed-back over-ear design. Circumaural designs offer excellent comfort and sound isolation. You can move ear cups at 90 degrees, which helps to adjust around ears.

They have enough and soft padding on the ear pads that make them good for long periods of wearing

Overall these are well designed and build headphones that provide comfort. You can use them for mixing, recording, and practicing longer sections.

Another useful feature that is improved by Audio Technica in ath m50x is that they add locking mechanism and detachable cable.

They come with three detachable cables, including 1.2 meters long straight, 1.2 m coiled, and 3-meter straight cable. All cables end with a standard 3.5mm jack and extra adapter.

Ath-m50x is portable. You can fold it and carry them in the case.

Sound Quality: Like build quality, audio Technica ath m50x has impressive sound quality. They have a very detailed and balanced rich sound.

38-ohm impedance delivers clear and crystal sound on smart devices and studio monitoring devices.

Also, 15 to 28,000 Hz frequency response delivers rich and deep low, balanced mid, and detailed high.

Sound Isolation: The design of Audio Technica ear cups is closed back, which offers a significant amount of sound isolation. They do a pretty awesome job in noise-canceling and sound isolation.

Connectivity: These are not wireless headphones, so you can only connect them using wired, and luckily, they came with three thick and strong separate cables.


Sony MDR 7506 Review

Sony MDR7506 Review

Good: 40-millimeter drivers provide clear and accurate sound. For monitoring and studio work, these are ideal pairs of headphones because of 63-ohm impedance and 10 Hertz to 20-kilohertz frequency response. They have excellent design and build quality as well.

Bad: The cable is not detachable, and if you want to replace it, you need to open ear cups, which is not the best option.

Bottom line: Sony MDR 7506 offers a beautiful and balanced sound since 1991, and for every studio, these are ideal pair of headphones. They are durable and comfortable for extended use. The only thing they need to improve is a cable that is strong but not detachable. Overall these are good pairs of headphones available under $100.

Design & Build Quality: They come in black color, and the overall design is good and build quality is impressive.

Sony MDR 7506 is lightweight then average headphones because they weigh only 8 ounces. You can also fold them and take them anywhere.

The headband is thick and has a soft padding that provides excellent comfort. Also, the headband is adjustable and provides a good clamping force that will not lose from the head in sudden movements.

Ear cups have closed-back, over-ear design and made of plastic. Earpads of MDR 7506 are soft and comfortable, but if you have huge ears, then ear pads will press your ears a little bit. If you listen to music at high volume for a long time, then you may feel warm.

These are wired headphones, so you’ll get a 9.8 feet long cord that terminates on 3.5mm jack. Also, you’ll get a 6.5mm adapter. The cable is not detachable; it is fixed.

Overall the build quality and design of sony MDR 7506 are excellent, and they fit on head and ears very well.

Sound Quality: The sound quality of sony MDR 7506 is good and has no flaws. They offer excellent sound, especially for studio works. 40-millimeter drivers drive them very well. You’ll find very few headphones that deliver non-overwhelming and accurate sound at a lower price, and MDR 7506 is one of them. 

They have 10 Hertz to 20-kilohertz frequency response. In simple English, lows, mids, and treble are very clean and not harsh.

The impedance of sony MDR 7506 is 63 Ohms, which offer very detailed sound. But to achieve remarkable sound on lower power devices, make sure you connect an amp that produces excellent power. On mobile devices, because of low power, you may not get sound that these pairs can provide, but for studio works, these are great.

Sound Isolation: They are doing a pretty excellent job in sound isolation. Even on the lower volume, you’ll not listen to external noises. They also do a good job blocking sound leakage. At 70 to 80% volume, they didn’t leak any amount of sound, but if you increase at full, then they leak a small amount of sound.

Connectivity: You can only connect them using an audio cable.


Similarities and Differences

  • Both are foldable
  • Both offer excellent comfort for long sessions.
  • Sony MDR 7506 comes with only one 9.8 feet coiled cable which is not detachable, and m50x provide three detachable cables (2 straight: 3.9 feet – 9.8 feet and one coiled: 9.8 feet)
  • Ath m50x has a 38-ohm impedance, which is suitable for both mobile and studio, and sony MDR 7506 has 63-ohm impedance excellent for the studio but not good with a mobile device, but ok.
  • Audio Technica ath m50x seals very well and provides better sound isolation compared to Sony MDR 7506. Also, Sony MDR 7506 leaks more sound than ath-m50x.
  • The price of Sony MDR 7506 is between $70 to $90, and the price of Audio Technica ath m50x is between $120 to $150.


Both headphones are remarkable in providing excellent sound and comfort. You can use them both for listening to music and studio work.

If you can afford it, then I recommend you buy both sony MDR 7506 and ath m50x because both worth purchase but if I have to pick one of them then I’ll go with Audio Technica ath m50x because of extra features, detachable cables, better sound isolation, and sound quality.

Tell us in the comment section if you already have one of them, or you already used both. Don’t forget to share your opinion on Sony MDR 7506 vs. Audio Technica ath m50x.

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