Best Headphones For Electronic Drums [2021 Reviews]

Headphones are one of the most important instruments to play Electronic drums; that’s why we bring the top 8 best headphones for electronic drums.

For a drummer, the headphone is essential for various reasons such as Practice the metronome to play rhythms accurately, studying songs, in a concert or show play live metronome, and staying focused on only drums sound avoid the volume of instruments and focus on only tunes, and more.

There are many more reasons that make drummers wear a headphone to play electronic drums, such as if you play in an environment where you cannot listen to what you are playing, so using headphones, you will only hear what you are playing.

A wide variety of headphones available in the market. We do our research and choose top headphones for Edrums that we think can perform amazingly. We made this list considering their performance, quality, prices, and more.

So without any further ado, let’s start.

What are the Best Headphones For Electronic Drums?

#Best Headphones For Electronic DrumsPrice
1Tascam TH-02 Check Price
2Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Check Price
3JBL Synchros S500 Check Price
4Beyerdynamic DT 770 Check Price
5KAT Percussion KTUI26 Check Price
6Roland V-Drums Stereo Headphones Check Price
7Alesis DRP100 Check Price
8AKG K 240 MK II Check Price

Buying Guide: How to Pick a Headphone for Electronic Drums

If you have an electronic drum and want to get the best from it. Also, don’t want to lose a single song detail, you should pick a headphone. So in the above section, I mention the best headphones for electronic drums, and here I will tell you what should you look for when buying a headphone for electronic drums.

What Features Should You Look For?

  • Appearance and Design: The first and most important thing you keep in mind while picking a headphone for an electronic drum is its appearance and design, how it makes its first impact. So you should pick a headphone to have good design.
  • Build Quality: The second point you should notice is the build quality of the headphones. It should have a good build quality that it stays for a longer time and should survive drops. Don’t go for headphones that broke in the first few months. All are the headphones that I tell you are strong enough to survive for a long period.
  • Sound Quality and Performance: You can compromise to design and build quality but never compromise the quality of sound. If you are an amateur or pro drummer, you should pick a headphone that provides extreme isolation, prevents sound leakage, and provides detailed sound. You must focus and listen to every detail of the song while playing electronic drums.
  • Comfort Level: With good sound quality, headphones should have soft and comfortable ear cups and headband. When you are practicing, you play drums for hours. You should need headphones that have an extreme comfort level.

These are the basic points that you shouldn’t ignore while choosing an electronic drum headphone.

8 Best Headphones For Electronic Drums 2021

All headphones are excellent. Below you can read in detail electronic drum headphones review and pick one according to your requirements and needs.

1. Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Studio Headphones

The very first headphone for electronic drums we recommend you is Tascam TH-02. Tascam TH-02 headphones only cost $29, which is the best budget headphone for electronic Drums; it performs surprisingly amazing.

The headphone owned by the Tascam Audio company. You may not hear about Tascam before; Tascam is one of the most popular companies in the United States and was founded in 1971.

Tascam produced many high-quality audio products, and TH-02 is one of them.

The color of the Tascam TH-02 is black. They have an over-ear closed-back design and are made with plastic material. These are foldable headphones; you can carry them where you want. These headphones have a decent look.

The circumaural earcups are large enough to comfortably stays around any size of ear. Earpads have faux leather that makes them comfortable, and you can use it for a more extended period. A soft headband that stays on the head without causing any fatigue or pressure for long periods.

They have quite a strong 10 feet long cable that ends at a 3.5mm adapter.

As I mentioned, they have a closed-back design that produces excellent sound. These headphones are famous because of the sound quality.

In reviews, users of Tascam TH-02 say that these headphones are one of the best choices for monitoring, practicing, and recording vocals. They have a closed-back design, so there is no sound leak from headphones. Also, they blocked outside noises.

The frequency response of Tascam TH-02 is between 18 Hz to 22 kHz, and sensitivity is between 98 dB ± 3dB. The impedance of TH-03 is 32, and it is average most of the devices provide that amount of power.

The current price of Tascam TH-02 is under $30. Tascam TH-03 is the best cheap headphones for electronic drums, and you will hardly found headphones like this one.

  • Decent audio reproduction.
  • Low sound leakage.
  • Best for electronic drums.
  • Mediocre Build Quality.

2. Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (Best Over-Ear Studio Headphones)

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO is very well known among music professionals, and if you are searching for headphones that provide you deep and quality bass, DT 770 is perfect for you. The price of these headphones is on amazon is around $180, but most of the time, discounts are available, and you can get them at around $150.

The impedance of DT 770 is around 32 Ohms that ideal for portable devices. Also, you can get them in 80 and 250 ohms. But for higher ohms, you need a good power source to get an advantage from this.

The cable of DT 770 is not removable, and it is the only disadvantage we found because when the original cable breaks or gets cut, you cannot replace it. The only option for you is to fix it. However, they have a durable coiled cable that is strong enough, you don’t need to be worried about cable, and its length is around 9.8 feet.

If we analyze the build quality of these headphones, they are solid. The headband made of steel material and screws are replaceable. The headband is covered with very soft leather that makes it comfortable. You can also replace this leather, and you put a new one if you want more comfortable with it.

Outside of Ear Cups are made of plastic material but solid plastic. If you are a rough person, don’t worry, these headphones can survive drops. If you take slightly care of them, you can carry them for a lifetime.

The inner diameter of ear cups is 5.5cm, and the outside diameter is 10cm, which is quite fitting for every size of the ear. These have a closed design, so they isolate outside noises pretty well, but they leak a little bit of sound. Earpads are quite comfortable. Earpads have enough foam density and clamping force.

Changing pads is a real task because we compared DT 770 with advanced headphones. We found that changing earpads of DT 770 is tough. But they pretty well, and you can wear them on your ears for long periods of time, and you will not feel and warm.

If we talk about sound quality, two things make these headphones unique. The first thing is that DT 770 produces sub-bass means you will listen to rap, pop music, or any heavy bass music; these headphones did justice. Also, if you are playing drums, you will love them. These headphones are capable of reproducing lower base frequencies.

The second thing about this headphone is it produces very deep, detailed, and quality sound. If you are playing drums, you will get enough isolation that you require, and also, you will sacrificing to enjoy your performance.

The quality is not good equal to premium open-back headphones, but excellent among closed-back headphones. These headphones are ideal for wearing while playing electronic drums. Also, these are the best choice for studio recording and monitoring work.

These are the best headphones for electronic drums under $200. You should check them out.

  • Very durable.
  • Comfort.
  • Adapter.
  • High quality and consumer-friendly sound.
  • Long cable.
  • Not very portable.

3. JBL Synchros S500 Powered Over-Ear Stereo Headphones

JBL Synchros S500 Over-Ear Stereo is available in black color for under $100.

If you want to get a headphone with heavy bass, you should consider Synchros S500 on your list. Also, it allows you to minimize bass. Because of heavy bass, these headphones are an excellent choice to wear while playing electronic drums.

The overall sound quality of JBL Synchros S500 is outstanding very balanced in low and high mid. Premium 50mm driver allows professional studio persons to experience pure bass performance.

The headphone’s performance and sound quality is the most crucial thing, and JBL will never disappoint you in these points. These are over-ear stereo headphones that ensure the prevention of sound leakage and entering ambient noises.

On build quality, these headphones will not disappoint you. A packing of headphones is fantastic; you will love their packing. S500 is one of the headphones that have a stylish and authentic design.

The headband of the JBL S500 is made of steel and wrapped in high quality and comfortable leather. That enhances its durability and comfort level as well. Ear Cups outer side made of durable plastic material and paddings cover with soft leather.

The cable of Synchros S500 is long and detachable, and integrated with the iOS3 button and universal remote.

These are the best headphones for electronic drums and studio work and available for under $100. You should take a look and these headphones and customer satisfaction; you will love these headphones, and they will be worth your money.

  • Detachable cable integrated with volume control button and microphone.
  • PureBass.
  • Steel headband and lightweight.
  • Outstanding Sound and Build Quality.
  • Portable Carrying Case.
  • No Cons.

4. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Over-Ear-Monitor Headphones

Beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones are specially designed for drummers to play electronic drums and other instruments.

Don’t confuse yourself with the early DT 770 Pro model that we mention at number two in the list of best headphones for electronic drums. This DT 770 M80 ohm has a volume control button and is specially designed for drummers and sound engineers. FOH and other ones are designed for monitoring and recording work, and also they are available in multiple powers includes 32 ohms, 80 ohms, and 250 ohms.

The color of the DT 770 M is black and has an over-ear design. Build quality is awesome, and the headband is made of metal material coated with black leather.

Metal makes the headband reliable and flexible, and leather provides a comfortable environment. Also, Ear Cups are made of the quality and durable plastic.

The inner dia of ear cups are large enough to fit on bigger ears. You can wear these headphones for a long time, and you will not feel any problem or pain because ear pads are wrapped in leather that makes them comfortable. The cable of DT 770 is 3 meters long and has a volume control button.

The comfort level and build quality is outstanding. The only problem is not a removable cable.

These headphones isolate outside noises up to 35 dB, which is a lot. The sound pressure of DT 770 is around 105 DB.

This headphone will perfectly fit on your head, and you will not disturb while you’re practicing and playing drums. Using these headphones, you can edit, monitor, and record songs as well. They have pretty awesome bass. You will love these headphones while listening to any heavy bass song. These headphones can survive for a longer time.

These are the best headphones that you can buy for electronic drums for under $200. You can read customer reviews as well for more satisfaction.

  • Detailed, rich treble.
  • Smooth uppers and lower mids.
  • High and durable build and design quality.
  • Specially designed for drummers.
  • Long cable.
  • Volume control button.

5. KAT Percussion KTUI26 Ultra Isolation Headphones

Sometimes you want a headphone that isolates your whole surrounding environment, and you only focus on your music or work. For example, if you play electronic drums and block ambient noises as much as possible. So here you should pick KAT Percussion KTUI26.

Percussion company makes it, and it is specially designed for drummers and long studio session work. KTUI26 provides ultra isolation. They can reduce external noises up to 26db, which is a lot. The frequency response of KTUI26 is between 20 – 20,000Hz, which is generally a good frequency response.

The sound quality and isolation of Kat percussion KTUI26 are tremendous. It has great bass range, low and high ends. The total weight of this headphone is around 15Ounce, which is considered lightweight.

Build quality and design of the headphone is also excellent and durable. The headband is comfortable and soft. The grip of the headband is also good. You will not feel much squeezing during practicing in a studio or playing in a concert.

Ear cups are also comfortable because we already mentioned that these are headphones that you can wear for a long time. Ear cups have large enough inner dia to cover your ear perfectly.

The design of the headphone prevents sound leakage brilliantly. The headphone cable is long enough and comes with a 1/8″ stereo headphone jack with a 1/4″ adapter.

The price of KAT Percussion KTU is less than $70, and sometimes you can get discounts on Amazon. When I was researching and reading customer reviews on Amazon, I found that the average rating is 4.0 out of 5.0, and customers that already use this product are satisfied.

You should check out these are the ideal headphones for private listening, drummers, and recording work at a very low price.

  • Minimal sound leakage.
  • Ideal for drummers and private listening.
  • Design and build quality are outstanding.
  • The ear fit is rather tight.

6. Roland V-Drums Stereo Headphones (RH-300V)

Roland electronic drums’ headphones are very popular, and Roland V-Drums RH-300V is known as one of the best headphones for electronic drums and studio works.

The design of Roland RH-300V is great. The ear cups’ design is over-ear, and they are large enough to fit every size of the ear. The headband is adjustable and comfortable.

You can adjust the headband according to the size of the head. Also, Headband and ear cups wrapped in very high-quality leather that provides a comfortable feel while wearing. The headband’s inner side has very soft mesh material that makes them extra comfortable because it takes lots of weight from your head and makes them lightweight.

If we talk about the specifications of Roland RH-300 V. It has 45-millimeter drivers, 1600 Mili Watt input power, and the frequency range is pretty wide, between 10 Hz to 25,000 Hz.

The length of the cable is 2.5 meters, slightly thicker, and not removable. If you are a rough person, you need to take care of cable. But it is durable, and the jack is gold-plated, and you can attach a quarter-inch adapter as well.

And in the end, let’s talk about the most important thing, which is sound. The sound quality of Roland V-Drums headphones is outstanding. They prevent external noises pretty well, and also, there is almost no sound leakage.

If you compared RH-300V with Audio Technica m50, a brilliant product known for good sound quality, you would notice that Roland RH-300V has high-quality sound compared to m50.

The frequency response is much flatter, and the bass range is great. These are the best headphones that we suggest to drummers who play electronic drums. These are also ideal for studio work. Roland company is also very well known for sound quality.

The price of these headphones is $221.11. The sound quality that you will get from this headphone will worth your money. Also, while researching, I found customer satisfaction and positive reviews on amazon go and check out.

  • The extended sound range is flat and clean.
  • Outstanding in sound quality.
  • Most suitable electronic drums headphones.
  • Low, high ends, and Bass range is outstanding.
  • Thicker and not removable cable.

7. Alesis DRP100 (Electronic Drumming Headphone)

Another headphone that is specifically designed for electronic drum monitoring is Alesis DRP100. It was released in 2014 by Alesis company. The design of the headphone is over-ear and provides extreme comfort and sound isolation.

The build quality is also durable. The headband of Alesis DRP100 is strong, stretchable, and have silicon rubber that makes it fit on your head perfectly.

The inner diameter of ear cups is large enough to fit on every ear size. Earpads have comfortable leather. The cable of the headphones is around 4meter long, detachable, and includes a ¼” adapter. In any case, you break the cable, remove and attach a new one. This feature makes Alesis DRP100 headphones more worthy and useful.

The sound quality of these headphones is amazing. The driver of DRP100 is 40mm that ensures to produce a dynamic sound. These headphones are the best choice for electronic drum monitoring, but you can also use them where you do not want to allow external noises to bleed your ears. Also, they have almost no sound leakage.

These are the best headphones for electronic drums under $100. The price of these Alesis DRP100 is pretty low compared to its features. Go and check out the latest price.

  • Silicone rubber headband.
  • 40MM full-range drivers.
  • 32 Decibels in noise reduction.
  • High noise reduction and good sound range.
  • For high noise isolation, you need to make sure ear cups sit tight.

8. AKG K 240 MK II Stereo Studio Headphones (Best Headphones For Electronic Drums Under 100)

AKG is one of the most popular and best companies that produce amazing audio products since 1947. AKG also manufactures AKG K 240 MK II headphones.

It has an over-ear design that makes them ideal for wearing for a long time. If you are a drummer and spend most of your time playing electronic drums and in the studio.

You need headphones that you can wear for a long time, and here comes AKG K 240 MK II. Its over-ear design makes it possible for you to wear for hours without feeling uncomfortable and in pain.

It is a beautiful headphone, and the golden finish on the headphone makes them more attractive and beautiful. AKG K 240 mostly made with high quality and durable plastic material. Due to the plastic material, they are lightweight.

Headband and ear cups wrapped in leather that makes them more soft and comfortable. It comes with a pretty long detachable cable and a 3.5mm two quarter-inch adapter. The length of the cable is 3.5 meters (10 feet).

The Sound quality of AKG K 240 MK is outstanding. These headphones have a pretty flat sound. If I talk about sound isolation, they have a semi-open design, so there is small sound isolation.

If you plan to use these headphones in public, you should check other headphones in the list of best headphones for electronic drums. These are ideal for studio work.

The price of these headphones is around $100. These headphones are in the market for a decade, and most of the users of AKG K 240 MK II stereo studio headphones leave very positive reviews. You can check these reviews on Amazon.

  • Extra-long and detachable cable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Affordable price.
  • Not have boomy bass.

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I hope, through this review and guide, you will pick the best headphones for electronic drums.

All the headphones that you will see on this page perform excellent with Electronic drums. These headphones will be worth your money. Pick one according to your needs and budget. If you think we miss any other special headphones, tell us in the comment section.

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